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Product Review: Makita HR2455 1" Rotary Hammer with D-Handle

The Makita HR2455 1" Rotary Hammer: ideal for Professionals

By Damien Andrews

Recently, my old Makita HP2030 Hammer Drill motor burned out. It had been a wonderful tool that performed flawlessly for well over twenty years, drilling thousands of holes in new and seasoned concrete. I was unhappy, but not shocked, to find that Makita no longer offered this model. Now that I've had time to put its replacement, a Makita HR2455 1" Rotary Hammer through its paces, I'm no longer unhappy.

If you drill into concrete often, a hammer drill or rotary hammer is a must-have tool. You can get away with drilling mortar without one, and you can even get by in some other masonry drilling. Concrete however, especially seasoned concrete, requires the hammer blow action provided by rotary hammers and hammer drills. The Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer combines hefty hammer blow pressure with optimum bit revolutions to yield fast, easy concrete drilling.

Makita Hammer Drill

I took this photo of my new Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer the day I received it. The photo shows the stout carrying case, side handle (which I've mounted under the chuck) and the depth gage rod. The rod is easily adjustable to any reasonable depth.

The Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer is a professional's tool. Only the most serious and advanced do-it-yourselfer would even consider owning such a piece of equipment. The Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer can be used for drilling wood or steel, but it is larger and heavier than better options for those purposes.

The Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer has settings for: 1) hammer and drill 2) hammer only 3) drill only. Switching between the settings is easily accomplished by rotating a large, conveniently located switch. The hammer and drill setting is ideal for boring into concrete and masonry. The hammer only setting is for demolition work, and is used with the demolition bits available. The drill only setting would be for wood or metal drilling without hammer action, but I see no practical use for this setting.

The Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer requires the use of bits that are designed to fit its chuck system. Unlike standard drills and hammer drills, the chuck on the Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer is a slide lock mechanism. It's quite easy to use. Insert the bit and twist to lock it into place. Pull down the locking cuff to release the bit. It's much faster and easier than keyed chuck systems. And unlike keyed chuck systems, the hold is absolute – the bit will not loosen and rotate under extreme pressures.

The Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer is a beefy tool, weighing in at just over six pounds. The weight is nicely distributed through the tool, and the dual handles make it easy to control. When drilling concrete and masonry, a heavy, stable tool is a distinct advantage. This is particularly true when drilling holes for footing anchors.

Another great feature of the Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer is the trigger. The trigger is quite large. When drilling with a hammering action, wearing thick work gloves is most beneficial. Accessing and controlling the oversized trigger on the Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer is easy with even the thickest hand protection.

Here is a list of the features for the Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer, as posted on Makita's website:

  • Powerful 7.0 AMP motor and lightweight: 6.2 lbs.
  • 2X faster drilling with synchronized RPM and BPM
  • Lighter and more powerful than any hammer in it’s class
  • 3-mode operation: "rotation only", "hammering with rotation" or "hammering only"
  • Chisel rotates 360° with 40 different locking positions
  • Variable speed for complete drilling and hammering control; reversible
  • Positive bit lock ensures that the bit is securely fastened
  • Built-in torque limiter helps prevents kickback when hitting reinforcements
  • One-touch sliding chuck for easy bit changes; accepts SDS-Plus bits
  • Large trigger switch and 360° swivel side handle for added comfort
  • Recessed lock-on button for continuous use
  • Ergonomic, well balanced design features a rubberized D-handle grip for greater stability, comfort and control with reduced operator fatigue
  • Ideal for anchor setters, sign hangers, installers, electricians, plumbers and masons

Here are the specifications for the Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer, as posted on Makita's website:


  • Wood 1-1/4’’
  • Steel 1/2"
  • Concrete (with core bits) 1"
  • AMPS 7.0
  • No Load RPM 0 - 1,100
  • Blows/min. (BPM) 0 - 4,500
  • Length 16 - 3/8"
  • Net Weight (lbs.) 6.2
  • Impact Energy (J) 2.7
  • Shipping Weight (lbs.) 10.31

The Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer comes with: Side Handle, Depth Gauge, Tool Case and Instruction manual. Note: Model 2455X 1" rotary hammer includes 5 Piece Bit Set • Model 2455X2 1" rotary hammer includes Grinder and Diamond blade & 5-piece Bit Set.

The Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer is an excellent choice for professionals who frequently find themselves needing to drill into concrete and masonry. Be sure to search on the Internet for pricing of the Makita HR2455 1" rotary hammer. I did a search when writing this article and found pricing that varies by as much as $100.


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