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Want to know how many children you'll have? According to one old wives tale, simply cut open an apple and count the number of seeds. You'll have as many children as there are seeds in that apple.




How to Convert AMPS to WATTS

Formula: AMPS x AC Voltage = Watts

Example 1: You have a 120 volt television that requires 8 amps. 8x120=960 watts

Example 2: You have a 120 volt circular saw with an induction motor that requires 12 amps. 12x120=1,440 watts

NOTE: An induction motor is used in Example 2. Induction motors have a startup surge wattage that is required. Ascertain what the startup amp surge is and use this same formula to determine the surge watts. (The startup amp surge is located on the electrical plate attached to the tool or appliance.


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