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FACT: Seeing a possible market, Esther Howland, of Worcester, Massachusetts started hand making Valentine’s Day cards in 1847.




Valentine Gift Giving Tips for Wife, Girlfriend,
Husband and Boyfriend

Give a really special gift this year, even on a tight budget

By Damien Andrews

Every February 14 th there’s a special holiday for sweethearts and lovers. It’s a day you can celebrate with your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend. It’s Valentine’s Day, and it seems to become more significant with each passing year. Many years ago, a proper valentine gift was a card and flowers or candy. Today’s valentines expect something a bit more noteworthy for a valentine gift. If you’ll start thinking about your sweetheart’s gift early this year, you’ll have lots more choices falling within your budget.

Post Christmas sales cover a pretty complete range of items including jewelry, linens, lingerie, men’s accessories, designer made this-n-that, and too much more to mention. If you’d like to give a valentine gift that stands out, taking advantage of these ubiquitous sales is definitely the way to go.

A valentine gift does not have to fall into the romantic category. In fact, giving a man a valentine gift that is, in his opinion, romantic presents challenges equal to achieving world peace. Let the romance element of the Valentine’s Day exchange of gifts be handled with a nice card and some flowers. This will open up new vistas for selecting a meaningful, lasting valentine gift for your sweetheart.

Here are some valentine gift suggestions that are not ordinarily considered for this holiday, but are guaranteed to bring smiles and win hearts. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

A new cell phone makes a great valentine gift for a wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend. It’s not only a very practical and appreciated gift, it shows you want to stay in touch. Communication in a relationship is critical, and this valentine gift will enhance yours.

Another valentine gift that can be given to either a man or woman is luxuriant bedding. Try giving one or two sets of 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets to your honey and watch the reaction. These fine sheets feel like satin, but wash and dry easily and last a long time. It’s also a valentine gift that can be ‘shared.’

DVD gift packs make a great valentine gift for the gentleman in the relationship. These are available in all sorts of genre. Science fiction, football, baseball, hockey, how-to sets, and countless others are readily available at discount prices. A DVD valentine gift for her could be on yoga, cooking – or whatever her interests suggest.

Jewelry is also something that can be given to either member of the relationship, and the sales are rampant after Christmas! Surely there is a ‘just right’ valentine gift for your sweetheart in this category. Watches, rings, necklaces, pendants or earrings can make the perfect valentine gift. He has a watch – what about one with a thermometer or altimeter? She can always stand another set of fine earrings. Don’t forget to check out ankle bracelets, too. It may just spark some new feelings in the relationship!

Electronics, especially in a slow retail sales year, are priced particularly attractively. How about another TV, or a new CD stereo player. Maybe a new DVD player or a waterproof radio for the shower will make your perfect valentine gift. Don’t forget to check out cameras, also. A new digital camera will make a superb valentine gift – and helps you collect those priceless mementos of the good times and special events.

There are far too many great (and unusually unique) valentine gift tips and ideas to list them all. Just peruse the newspapers and the Internet for great sales on countless spectacular gift items. Try to think ‘out of the box’ while making your selection. Your valentine gift doesn’t have to be romantic. It doesn’t even have to be intimate. It just has to be well received and appreciated.

This Valentine’s Day give a valentine gift that is unexpected. If you want to pump up the romance, give your sweetheart their gift over an intimate dinner for two. Let the greeting card, and perhaps some flowers, take care of the romance. Now it’s time for you to go and get started looking for that perfect valentine gift. Believe me, you, and your honey, will be glad you did!


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