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Gift Guide To Top Rated Small Appliances

Top Rated Gifts For The Kitchen Always Give Back
by Damien Andrews

Small kitchen appliances make great gifts. Most often, small appliances don't usually cost an arm and a leg, and yet are always very much appreciated. Buying kitchen appliances can be a confusing and time consuming event. Before you run to the mall or nearest superstore, check out some of my top rated small kitchen appliances. You want the gift you give to last and the appliance to perform properly and consistently so make sure you buy a highly rated brand and not the cheapest or easiest small appliance you can find. It pays to do your homework, and I've done some of it for you. Here is my gift guide to top rated small appliances.

#1 in my gift guide to top rated small appliances are Coffee Makers. You can spend a lot or a little when it comes to buying a coffee maker. Depending on all the bells and whistles you want, they can get pretty pricey, as they become more complicated to use. Consumer Reports says that the affordably priced Oster Counterforms BVLBO7-L did very well during their testing. You can pay as much as $80 for the Oster Counterforms Coffee Maker. If that is a little steep for your gift giving budget, try the trendy and fashionably styled coffee maker by Michael Graves. The Michael Graves 40304 is your basic 12-cup coffee maker with a glass carafe which sells for only $40 at Best Buy.

#2 in my gift guide to top rated small appliances are mixers. Stand mixers are more expensive than hand mixers, but you just can't beat their sturdiness when it comes to mixing dough. The highly rated KitchenAid Classic K45SS will set you back about $200. KitchenAid is a sound and trusted brand found in many American kitchens today. Consumer Reports says that the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 6322 is another stand mixer which stood up well to their stringent testing. The Hamilton Beach model, at $189.95, has a slightly lower price tag than the KitchenAid stand mixer.

#3 in my gift guide to top rated small appliances are toasters. Some families use toasters every single morning. Now that's a lot of use. Consumer Reports suggests buying toasters with plastic housings, which are less likely to retain heat and thus are safer, especially around children. The Proctor-Silex Cool-Touch 22203 is only $15, and held up to thorough testing with great performance, and at a very low price. Skip buying a toaster with a bagel setting, you will most likely be paying extra money for a cooking feature that you really don't need a special button for.

#4 in my gift guide to top rated small appliances are microwave ovens. In today's world of frozen foods and quick meals, it is difficult to imagine the kitchen without a microwave. The Panasonic Inverter NN-SD697 will set you back about $170, but the Magic Chef MCD1611ST is much more affordable at $100. Consumer Reports says that both models outperformed other models costing twice as much or more. Now, if you require special features like convection cooking, you'll need the more expensive microwaves like the Kenmore Elite 6790 for $330. The microwave oven makes a very special small appliance gift to give. The family cook will have a huge advantage when preparing quick delicious meals in a top rated microwave oven. And she'll have you to thank for it.

#5 in my gift guide to top rated small appliances are slow cookers, also known as crock pots. A busy mom can't live without one of these loyal cooking assistants! Think of all the time she will save if you give her the gift of a slow cooker this year. Not only can she cook a pot roast while she's at work, but stews and cheaper cuts of meat cook up tender and juicy in these amazing small kitchen appliances. The Hamilton Beach Set ‘N Forget 33967 sells for only $70, and the Rival Crock-Pot SCVC604H-SS for only $50. Both are top rated slow cookers according to Consumer Reports. If browning your meat is important to you, the VersaWare model for $100 lets you brown your meat in a stovetop-safe pot beforehand.


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