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Tools – Gifts For The Man Who Has Them All

Unusual Tools For Serious Handymen

by Damien Andrews

If the man in your life is a serious do-it-yourself, handyman sort of guy whose workshop boasts a substantial array of tools, and you want to buy him a tool as a gift – you've come to the right place. Women customarily shy away from buying their handyman tools as gifts because they're afraid they will get something that he already has, or something that he just doesn't want. This usually leads to the purchase of a gift certificate, which is okay, but not very personal.

Below are some tools that would please any handyman, no matter how experienced he is or how many tools he has. Mind you, these tools are not cheap, and they are anything but commonplace, but they are all superb and eminently useful in the right project scenario. I own most of the tools listed and can attest to their quality and usefulness.

I provide links to the tools listed, but as always, be sure to shop around the internet to ensure that you get the best price available. Tools prices on the internet vary substantially – especially on high-end tools such as those listed below.

The DeWalt Self-Leveling Line Laser: Horizontal and Vertical (DW087K)
I have one of these and find it to be the ultimate tool for many household improvement and building tasks. After it self-levels, the tool shoots a laser light beam out either vertically or horizontally. It is ideal for hanging pictures; installing wall plugs uniformly around a room; installing shelving; marking hidden studs for nailing or screwing and much more. It's a sturdy, durable unit that operates on 3 AA batteries. New, this tool sells for under $200. Used/reconditioned it's usually around $130. Link Here.

The Porter-Cable 1" Narrow Crown Stapler Kit, 18 Gauge (NS100B)
This tool, which requires a compressor to operate, will truly open new vistas for the handyman in your life. This staple gun fires long, narrow crown staples that attach wood-to-wood – thus replacing nails. Attaching thin woods, such as 1/8" plywood and Masonite to frames is quite difficult when done with a hammer and nails, and often rather weak. This staple gun makes quick work of such tasks and provides incredible strength and durability. I'd be lost without mine. Great for furniture and shelving work and repairs, as well as new construction of smaller items. This tool will get lots of use! I'd be lost without mine. Sells for around $100. Link Here.

Porter Cable C2002-WK 150 PSI Pancake Air Compressor
This lightweight, portable air compressor is ideal for smaller tasks around the house. It uses 110 volts, has a quiet motor, no-skid feet and comes with quick-connects. This is a low volume compressor designed to run smaller pneumatic tools such as staplers and finish nailers. The convenient, small footprint design, which includes a generous handle, makes it easily portable and very handy. Sells for under $200. Link Here.

Bosch DAF220K Digital Angle Finder Kit
The Bosch DWM40LK Digital Miter Finder Kit includes a hard foam case plus leg extension. This amazing tool is actually 4 tools in one: an angle finder, a cut calculator, and a protractor and level. This handy little gem makes finding angles and setting saws a breeze. The Compound Cut Calculator is incredibly handy. It automatically determines the exact miter and bevel settings necessary to make each crown molding cut fit precisely. Great for cutting molding, determining roofing cuts, making boxes and a-frame structures, and too much more to mention. This tool sells for around $150. Link Here.

The Occidental Leather® 2550 - SuspendaVest™ Leather Package
This is the ultimate tool carrying system. It's not a belt, rather it's a customizable system that starts with a comfortable harness that puts the weight on the shoulders, instead of the waist area. The design prevents slippage and makes even heavy tool loads seem light. The owner of one of these systems can fully adjust fit, add or remove pockets, as needed and put it on or take it off easily because of the quick release system. Occidental Leather® has been making superb products for 30 years. I believe they make the best tool carrying systems available. This package sells for around $250. Link Here.



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