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Tips To Improve Your Digital Photography

5 Tips For Better Digital Photographs

By Damien Andrews

Digital photography is wonderful. Before the age of digital photography, shutterbugs had to go and buy film, safely load the camera with the film, take the pictures, safely remove the exposed roll of film, take it to be developed and then go pick it up. Then came the really hard part: deciding which of the costly pictures to keep and which to throw in the trash. Digital photography has changed all of that.

There are numerous advantages to digital photography over film photography. Digital photography is much less costly than film photography – something everyone appreciates. Other advantages include: digital photographs are ready to view instantly; digital photographs can instantly be deleted; digital photographs can easily be uploaded to a computer and shared with anyone around the world; digital photography does not tie the photographer to the need for multiple rolls of film – one large storage card can hold hundreds of digital photographs instead of 24 or 36; it's easy to upload and touch-up digital photographs.

25 years ago, if you went to a wedding, there was usually one professional wedding photographer and perhaps one or two guests there with cameras as well. Today, because of digital photography and the amazingly compact size of digital cameras, almost everyone will have a way to photograph and preserve memories. Digital photography has created throngs of new shutterbugs. Most of these new shutterbugs wish they could take better digital photographs. Here are some digital photography tips for those wishing to improve their skills.

Digital photography tip #1: Know your digital camera! It's tempting to simply set a digital camera to its automatic setting and forget about it – and sometimes that's the best way to go, but not as often as you might think. Today's digital cameras have settings that will instantly improve your digital photography. Take some time and read the manual, and even practice with your digital camera – using different settings. You won't believe the difference this can make.

Digital photography tip #2: Learn how and when to use your digital camera's 'flash' settings. If, for example, you are taking a picture of some people with a very bright background, such as snow or sand, use 'fill flash' to prevent them from being washed out by the bright background. Some digital cameras even have specific settings just for this common scenario.

Digital photography tip #3: Don't be afraid to get near your subject. Close-ups are more personal and more appealing. Use the zoom feature of your digital camera to eliminate unwanted people or items from your shot. Shoot from close enough that the subject is clear, and the primary focus of the eye.

Digital photography tip #4: Change the angle of your digital photography photographs. When photographing the cutting of the wedding cake, for example, don't just raise the camera to eye-height and snap. Try kneeling down or standing on a stool to make your digital photograph more dynamic and eye-catching.

Digital photography tip #5: Retouch your digital photography in a photo-editing program such as PhotoShop before you distribute them. These software packages are amazing and do all manner of things to digital photographs, but here are the only things you really need learn to do properly: crop the digital photograph; adjust the saturation; adjust the brightness/contrast; unsharp mask. If you perform just these four very basic processes, your digital photography will improve dramatically.


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