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Buyer's Guide To Small Kitchen Appliances At Sears

My Short List of Affordable & Useful Sears Kitchen Appliances

by Damien Andrews

Buying small kitchen appliances can be a confusing and time consuming activity. There are so many new kitchen appliances available today, lots of colors and brands to choose from. So how do you know where to start? I would suggest that you pick a brand name that you have had good luck with in the past, and then look for small kitchen appliances that carry the same brand name. However, if you are just starting out and are not sure what small appliances you should buy, take a minute and ready my Buyer's Guide To Small Kitchen Appliances At Sears for some reliable kitchen helpers.

#1 in my Buyer's Guide to Small Kitchen Appliances at Sears is a Kitchen Aid 4-1/2 qt. Classic Plus Stand Mixer. I can't imagine my kitchen without this indispensable tool. You'll use this small appliance to perfectly mix up cookie dough and cake batter, as well as fantastic whipped potatoes and much more. This kitchen appliance can handle the toughest of kitchen mixing jobs. Featuring a tilt-up head for easy access to the bowl and beaters as well as thorough mixing action, this mixer is sure to earn a favored spot on your kitchen counter. Features on this kitchen appliance are a 275 watt motor, heavy-duty transmission, 4-1/2 qt. stainless steel bowl and 10 speeds to ensure proper mixing. The Kitchen Aid Classic Plus mixer comes with a metal wire whip; nylon-coated flat beater and a dough hook for making breads. Expect to pay between $219.00 and $199.99 for this mixer at

#2 in my Buyer's Guide to Small Kitchen Appliances at Sears is a Hamilton Beach Set n Forget® 6 Qt. Programmable Slow Cooker. This handy kitchen appliance is like having your own personal chef at home while you are at work. Put your ingredients into the slow cooker before you leave for work. When you come back home, the smells will only confirm your smart decision to buy this small appliance. This slow cooker has three setting choices for easy, automatic cooking: Probe, Program and Manual. It even has a thermometer probe for meat. If you buy this small appliance at you can expect to pay about $49.99.

#3 in my Buyer's Guide to Small Kitchen Appliances at Sears is the popular George Foreman Next Grilleration Grill. If you haven't seen this brand of kitchen appliance being sold via TV commercials, then you've had your eyes closed for the past decade. Grill lovers who don't have easy access to an outdoor grill, this small appliance is perfect for you! It has a contemporary design, silver metallic finish and a generous 96 sq. in. cooking surface. Featuring oversized LED readouts for variable temperature control and timer, and removable, dishwasher safe grill plates with a handy nonstick coating. This model of the George Foreman grill is about $69.99 at

#4 in my Buyer's Guide to Small Kitchen Appliances at Sears is a Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. This coffee maker features a removable filter basket, on/off indicator light, water filtration adaptable, and cord storage for convenience. Uses water filter WFCS and/or replacement water filter discs WFFCS, both available at It even has a Pause 'n Serve feature letting you pour a cup of coffee while the maker is still brewing. And of course the standard two hour Auto Shut-Off is a real bonus. This small appliance coffee maker comes with 25 paper filters and a coffee measuring scoop, all for only $29.99.

#5 in my Buyer's Guide to Small Kitchen Appliances at Sears is a Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven. I know it may not seem like a necessary kitchen appliance, but considering how much pizza American families consume every year, it might well be a great investment for your kitchen. Works great for making all kinds of pizza, fresh or frozen, regular or rising crust, and you can easily cook your pizza to your own tastes. It uses the exclusive RotaBake technology, which rotates your pizza under heat for precise and complete cooking and assures great tasting and evenly baked pizza every time. The Presto Pizza Oven comes with a removable, nonstick baking pan which translates into easy cleaning and compact storage. Expect to pay about $44.99 for this small appliance at

Visit the Sears Small Appliance section of their website now.


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