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Make Your Digital Photography Stand Out

Simple Tips for More Popular Digital Photographs

By Damien Andrews

Digital photography has come of age. All of the technologies necessary for high quality digital photography are now available, and at prices that are within the budget of almost anyone. The advances made in digital photography over the past decade are nothing short of sensational. Digital cameras are small, light, easy to use and can store from hundreds to thousands of snapshots on a single card. All of this digital photography technology has ushered in a new age of photography. Some of it is good – some, well, not so much.

The availability of inexpensive, easy-to-use digital photography equipment has created a glut of photographs. Some of these photographs are utterly amazing. No doubt you've seen some of them. Someone who was at the right place at the right time – with their digital camera – caught a photograph that would otherwise not be available. The majority of these digital photographs are, unfortunately, usually of something tragic like a plane landing in the Hudson River, an escaped elephant on a rampage or kids fighting on a school bus. These are the types of digital photographs that get the most press.

Digital photography has also brought thousands of intriguing, interesting, cute, and funny photographs to the world: a herd of elk in someone's suburban front yard; an adult polar bear playing in the snow with some sled dogs; a baby blowing a bubble bigger than its head; three Guinea fowl riding on the back of a Saint Bernard, and kittens doing all manner of cute things. Wonderfully entertaining photographs made possible by digital photography.

Digital photography has also allowed us to document events, and that's just fine. But digital photography supports the over-documentation of events, also, and that's not so fine. Uncle Joshua and Aunt Bessie can now take 1,163 low resolution digital photographs of their 4-hour trip to the local farmer's market. They can't wait to get home, upload the digital photographs to their computer and start racking up band width sending them to all their friends and relatives. I love my uncle Joshua and Aunt Bessie as much as the next person, but I can only tolerate looking at digital photographs comparing organic squash to non-organic squash for so long.

To make your digital photography stand out, here's my suggestion: have two categories of digital photography. Category 1) Digital photographs just for you. Category 2) Digital photographs to share with others.

Digital photography in Category 1 can include anything you wish – and as much as you want. You can take thousands of digital photographs of you stacking firewood or washing the car or playing with your dog – or anything else at all. Go ahead, fill that card and put them on your computer so that you can enjoy them whenever you wish.

Digital photography in Category 2 should be more selective – much more selective. Before you start emailing out digital photographs, ask yourself these questions: Is the digital photograph clear and sharp? Is the digital photograph of a subject of interest to others? Is the digital photograph something that you don't mind the entire world seeing? Is the digital photograph a proper size for emailing?

Be tough on your assessments of your digital photographs – especially when it comes to deciding if someone will be interested. Not everyone wants to see a close-up of a fully broken down carburetor from a 1952 Ford – or your new appendectomy scar. Being selective will make your digital photography stand out.

Lastly, do not send gigantic digital photography files over the internet – please! Nobody likes to sit and wait for a download, and chances are that a large digital photography file will be trashed immediately after viewing. For emailing, send digital photographs that are 500 pixels wide and at a resolution of 72 dpi. If you don't have a software program for editing your digital photography, try looking at the free Google Picasa software at:


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