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FACT: If you're taking digital photographs for the internet only, set your digital camera's resolution down to 72 DPI to store more photos on your card faster.



Digital Photography Checklists

Two Checklists That Help Avoid Problems

By Damien Andrews

I carry a Canon PowerShot A650IS everywhere I go. It's a medium-high resolution, automatic digital camera with a 6x optical zoom lens that is capable of storing digital photographs at 12.1 mega pixels. It's a great carry-along digital camera. I keep it with me in case I see a worthwhile or useful subject – or maybe even something spectacular, like a UFO landing at the mall. I simply drop the camera into my pocket and head out the door.

For my more serious digital photography efforts, I use one of my Canon EOS cameras – and that takes some planning and preparation. The more advanced digital cameras require a bit more attention, but more importantly, I want to make sure that when I arrive at my shoot location and begin taking pictures, I don't have any problems. On a planned digital photography safari, I also want to make sure I get the best pictures while I'm there.

I have two checklists for digital photography. One is for before I leave the house, and the other is for when I am taking photographs. Following, are my two checklists for digital photography.

Digital Photography Checklist – Before I Leave The House

•Clean and remove dust from lenses: front and back glass
•Charge all batteries (take extra batteries for lots of flash digital photography)
•Check flash mechanism
•Wipe storage media clean and ensure cards are formatted properly
•Select the proper lens(es)
•Take battery charger along if needed and useable
•Pack tripods and monopods as required
•Set digital camera resolution properly for the shoot
•Pack Camera manual
•Pack lens cleaning equipment and supplies
•Pack correct photographer's vest and camera bag(s)

Digital Photography Checklist – Before I Take Each Digital Photograph

•Remove lens cap
•Check lens for obvious dust or grime
•Check all digital camera settings and adjust as necessary
•Check flash setting – lockout if necessary
•Set flash to fill if necessary
•Ensure tripod is locked
•Make sure subject is properly framed
•Check subject lighting
•Make sure camera angle is best for the shot
•Make sure there are no distractions in the frame

My two digital photography checklists have saved me from ruining countless digital photography shoots. Nothing ruins a digital photography shoot faster than a dirty lens, a full media card, a missing lens or a dead battery.

The next time you're going to show off your digital photography skills at a family reunion, a company picnic, a wedding or any other special, one-time event, try using my two digital photography checklists. Sure, they take a few extra minutes to go through. But they can save weeks of bemoaning a forgotten lens or dead battery.


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