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Orthopedic Dog Beds for Older Dogs

Older Dogs Benefit From High Tech Dog Beds

by Damien Andrews

The family dog spends his entire life earning a place in the house that is considered his spot. Sometimes it's just a corner with a blanket, or an old pillow that no one else wants. He is loyal to his family, always happy, often giving sloppy kisses without a reason, and always protecting that which means the most to him: his pack. So why not reward him with a high tech orthopedic dog bed. They are good looking pieces of furniture, often made from flea resistant materials and conveniently washable fabrics. Plus, your dog gets the added health benefits that orthopedic beds can provide.

Most folks are familiar with the material NASA invented called Tempur-Pedic™. It is now being used by dog bed manufacturers to make orthopedic dog beds. One of the dog beds I found, featuring this high tech material is, The PetBed by Tempur-Pedic™. This orthopedic dog bed mattress has a temperature and weight sensitivity that adjusts perfectly to your dog's exact body shape, providing therapeutic support to their joints. It can help ease the pain of older dogs living with hip or elbow dysplasia or arthritis. The removable, machine-washable cover is soft, dog friendly and features a water and stain-resistant surface and a non skid bottom. You have two choices in sizes: Small (32"x24"x2") for about $179 and Medium (40"x27"x2") for about $199.

dog sleeping on the porch

As shown, older dogs will lie down anywhere, but an orthopedic dog bed will make them more comfortable and help ease the pain of aging joints and muscles. Credit: kevinruss ©Copyright:

Another stand out in high tech orthopedic dog beds is the Max Comfort® Memory Foam Dog Bed. This orthopedic dog bed is also made with the NASA memory foam material, Tempur-Pedic™. It is guaranteed to never sag, flatten out, or break down – for the life of your dog. This dog bed comes with a zippered, removable, washable cover. Plus, you can order additional dog bed covers if you need to. The Max Comfort® Memory Foam Dog Bed comes in 12 different colors of fabric and nine different sizes. Expect to pay between $200 and $700 for one of these high tech orthopedic dog beds.

The Gel-Pedic™ Oval Shape Pet Bed is another answer to owners of older dogs who need a little extra padding in their dog bed. An added benefit to this orthopedic dog bed is the use of natural eucalyptus to repel fleas, mites and ticks from your dog's bed. By nature, your dog likes to be cradled or to sleep in a curled up position. Gel-Pedic™ dog beds provide a patented contour that gives your dog a natural, pre-nested shape for comfort and security. These dog beds are designed to be low to the ground, making it very easy for an older dog with sore joints and hip muscles to painlessly enter the bed. The natural properties of the Gel-Pedic bed are made from polyurethane GelFoam. Fabric colors you can choose from are Lush Leopard, Paw Prints, Rich Red or Pretty Pink. Size choices are: XSmall (17"x13"), Small (24"x19"), Medium (30"x23") and Large (40" 30"). You'll find these orthopedic dog beds for sale on the internet between $79 and $199.


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