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Organic Gardening

How to help for chemical and toxin free gardening

by Damien Andrews

A good compost bin is almost a necessity for the organic gardener. Be sure to get one that’s large enough for the size of your intended plot. If you are going to till a large organic garden, then read up on ways to compost without bins. Using worms for composting (vermicomposting) is a great way to dramatically speed the process – and get great organic fertilizer at the same time. Compost is something the organic gardener can never have too much of.

Organic Gardening

Three organic nutrients used by the author in his organic garden. Organic starters are great, especially if you live in a cooler zone with a shorter growing season.

The two organic fertilizers I swear by are bat guano and worm castings. All I can say is WOW! Lush green leaves and bright vegetables that burst with flavor are rewards awaiting the organic gardener who uses these two organic fertilizers. I use more worm castings early in the season, and then bat guano later on – especially during the last month before harvesting. A week after I feed each plant a cup of guano they explode with their fruit.

Don’t try to fertilize your entire organic garden with bat guano or worm castings. This simply wouldn’t be frugal. Instead, stay tight in your rows when spreading during the planting, During growth stay close to each plant. No point in fertilizing between the rows – it just means more weeding. At the right time, I give each plant anywhere from 2-tablespoons to ½ cup of bat guano – depending on its size. I mix this into the soil right around the base of the plant and then lightly water.

You can also effectively fertilize the plants in your organic garden by putting guano or worm casting into a bucket and adding water. Let that set for a couple of days and then give each plant a small, slow drink. Don’t let that nutrient rich, liquid organic fertilizer stream away from the base of the plant. Pour it slowly. I use a new 5-gallon gas can for this task and it works great.

I’ve included some links with this article. With them you can find bat guano, worm castings and red worms for composting. These links are just to get you started. Be sure to shop around for the best price in your area. Shipping is a factor.

Organic gardening is a rewarding pursuit. You get outside for exercise. You get to work with your hands and the earth. You get to watch as the things you plant grow and bear fruit. And you’ll get the very best vegetables possible. Enjoy your organic garden!

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