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Bed Mattress Buyers Beware Of The No-Flip FAIL!

Are they better or just more profitable?

by Damien Andrews

Do you remember the last time you flipped your mattress? Then you know what a mess it can make, especially in a smaller sized bedroom. Not to mention how difficult a task it can be when done alone. It always seems as if your bed mattress gets 10 pounds heavier each time you have to flip it. It was these types of consumer complaints that led mattress makers to come up with the no-flip mattress. Did they really have our sore backs in mind when they came up with it, or did they use our bad situation as a way to make more money while offering a new and improved, albeit cheaper-to-make, product?

When bed mattress manufacturers make a no-flip styled mattress, the underside of the mattress does not have to be upholstered. Thus reducing the amount of material that is required compared to what is used to make a standard two-sided mattress. Bed mattress manufactures save money, but what does the consumer get? The fact that a mattress only has one side that is manufactured to sleep on can significantly reduce the life of the mattress. You are taking away one side of the bed, cutting its life expectancy in half! A double sided mattress will probably last around ten years, while a no-flip or single sided mattress will last about half that long.

Consumer reporting websites are busy with folks agreeing that the no-flip bed mattress is a huge fail! After only months of use, couples are finding that they are forced to sleep in sunken, body-shaped holes, often causing serious back and shoulder pain. So, you are thinking, what about the bed mattress warranty? Can't these people just call the manufacturer and get a new one, or a replacement? Yes they can, if they meet the requirements.

I found a bed mattress warranty online from a famous bed mattress manufacturer by the name of Simmons. Here is a link to their bed mattress warranty page:

The most important point to note about the Simmons warranty is that is does not apply to "Normal body impression(s) of 1½" or less." It is this random measurement that is driving consumers crazy, most finding it easier to just buy another bed mattress, rather than go through the on-site inspection and crater depth "measuring." Consumers are putting their cavity-filled, no-flip bed mattresses out on the curb, and replacing them with the old fashioned two sided variety!

The next time you walk into a mattress showroom ready to buy a new bed mattress, ask your salesperson about the underside of the mattress you are interested in buying. Some consumers report buying a new bed mattress without being told it was a single sided no-flip style. What a surprise: to find out that you bought a full price mattress, but only received half of the product. Buyers beware of the no-flip bed mattress FAIL.


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