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Where To Buy Leather Dog Collars Online

Unique Leather Collars For Your Dog

by Damien Andrews

After you decide what type of collar your dog requires, consider buying one made from leather. Leather will naturally last a lot longer than other materials used for dog collars. Leather also holds up to dirt and grime, and can easily be treated and cleaned to look brand new again. Dog Collars made from leather can be found in the following popular categories: spiked leather, studded leather, rolled leather and designer leather. To save you time, I put together a list of suggested leather dog collars, including where to buy them online.

Spiked Leather Dog Collars
Try the LDS Leather Company in Norman, Oklahoma for custom spiked leather dog collars. I can't believe the selection these folks offer. I read some of the customer feedback and find that most said they were very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of the custom spiked leather dog collars they received from LDS Leather Company. They can install collar spikes in a single, double, or triple row, and in a density appropriate for the collar width. The dog collar hardware is available in stainless steel or solid brass. Choose from a wide variety of leathers, which can be made into a single or a double ply dog collar. LDS Leather Company offers their spiked leather dog collars for sale on their website. Here is the link:

Studded Leather Dog Collars
Take a look at the custom made, studded leather dog collars Collier Leeds has to offer. Here is a link to a page featuring one of their custom studded leather dog collars: Each hand crafted dog collar is available with antique gold or antique silver studded ornaments. The unique buckle that Collier Leeds uses on their dog collars is fashioned after a 2nd century Roman military buckle. You won't find plain dog collars here, but rather pricey works of art for your best friend to proudly wear. You can contact Collier Leeds on their website or at 610-349-5460. They are located in Virginville, PA.

Rolled Leather Dog Collars
This type of dog collar is best suited for breeds of dogs with long hair. The rolled leather helps to keep the dogs fur from getting tangled or matted around the collar area. The Dog Collar Boutique has a nice selection of rolled leather dog collars. They even offer a matching, rolled leather leash to go with your dog's collar. You can choose from eight different colors and eleven different size options when you buy one of their handcrafted, rolled leather dog collars.

Designer Leather Dog Collars
Hold on to your doggie! You are not going to believe how beautiful custom designer leather dog collars can get. Check out the designer leather dog collars Northern Moods is making for their discriminating, dog-lovin' customers. The Marrakech dog collar, for example, is made from Italian python skins, which were dyed and then painted by hand. All of their skins are tanned naturally, rather than going through an industrial process. This company, located in the Netherlands, makes designer dog collars with contemporary designs that are comfortable to wear and gentle on your dog's fur. They are rather pricey, but nothing is too good for our furry friends! Check out the Northern Moods website at this link:


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