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FACT: Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao tree.



Holiday Gift Guide To Godiva Chocolate

This Year Give A Box of Chocolates

by Damien Andrews

Godiva has been making chocolate for 80 years. Plenty of time for me to come up with my Holiday Gift Guide To Godiva Chocolate. I am a big fan of Godiva chocolate, so creating my personal Holiday Gift Guide To Godiva Chocolate was not difficult at all. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, husband, or maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend, then you should read my Holiday Gift Guide To Godiva Chocolate to help you make the perfect chocolate gift choice.

The first item in my Holiday Gift Guide To Godiva Chocolate is the Medallion Christmas Tree Favor. I like it for a couple of reasons. Number one, every Holiday Gift Guide for Chocolate needs a stocking stuffer sized treat. Plus if you don't have a lot of money to spend, stocking stuffers are perfect! The Medallion Christmas Tree Favor can also be set at every place setting at your holiday table. Each colorful mini tree gift box comes with10 foil-wrapped medallions inside: four dark chocolate and six milk chocolate. The cost is only $10! A very affordable, fun and delicious gift on my Holiday Gift Guide To Godiva Chocolate.

The second item on my Holiday Gift Guide To Godiva Chocolate is a beautiful box of chocolate Truffles. What I especially like about this box of chocolates is that it is festively wrapped and contains my very most favorite type of gourmet chocolate: Truffles! The Legacy Truffle Gift Box comes in four different sizes. And it is easy on your holiday gift budget; just pick the size that is right for you. The box of chocolate Truffles comes in these sizes: 5 pieces for $18, 10 pieces for $28, 20 pieces for $54 and 30 pieces for $85.

When your chocolate-loving girlfriend or wife first sees this elegantly wrapped box of mouth-watering chocolates, she will surely be excited. If you truly want to blow your special someone away this holiday, this is the box of chocolates you want to give them. My Holiday Gift Guide To Godiva Chocolate would not be complete without Truffles. I haven't tasted every truffle made in the world, but Godiva has been making them for 60 years now, and I personally think they are the best!

You do not need to worry about Godiva delivering your chocolates to you in less than perfect condition. I've never been disappointed when I received my orders from them. No matter how warm it may be outside, their chocolates always arrive in perfect condition and at the pre-arranged time. You can even include a gift card, if you are shipping directly to the gift recipient. I've always had great experiences with Godiva Chocolates. And that is the number one reason why I created this Holiday Gift Guide To Godiva Chocolates.

Visit the Godiva Chocolate website now!


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