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FACT: Ghirardelli is one of the few chocolate makers who start with the cocoa bean to make all their products.



Holiday Gift Guide To Ghirardelli Gourmet Dark Chocolate

Ghirardelli Gourmet Dark Chocolate Gifts Under $13

by Damien Andrews

Ghirardelli has been making chocolate for more than 150 years. Everyone knows that giving gourmet dark chocolate as a holiday gift will get you major points with your chocolate-loving sweetheart. Ghirardelli knows. That's why they have so many great holiday gifts to choose from, many of them featuring their gourmet dark chocolate. Because there are so many choices out there, I decided to put together a Holiday Gift Guide to Ghirardelli Gourmet Dark Chocolates – to make it a little easier to navigate the sumptuous (almost decadent, in fact) world of dark chocolates. If you are looking for some great holiday gift ideas, check out these dark chocolate items from Ghirardelli.

#1 – The Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Squares Bag: Inside of each piece of smooth dark chocolate is a sweet surprise center filling of raspberry. The filling is made with real fruit. The bag is 5.32 oz. and contains nine dark chocolate raspberry squares. Ghirardelli suggests serving this gourmet dark chocolate with strawberries, hazelnuts, almonds or vanilla ice cream. It makes a nice paring with wine or liquors. Choose a Framboise, cabernet, amaretto, or even jasmine tea. The price for this bag of gourmet chocolates is $3.49 each.

#2 – The 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Caramel Squares Bag: This bag of dark chocolate is perfect for the caramel and dark chocolate lovers. Ghirardelli makes these little nuggets with a soft buttery caramel filling, surrounded by dark chocolate. The bag is 5.32 oz. and contains 9 pieces of dark chocolate covered caramels. Serve these dark chocolates with toasted hazelnuts, baguettes, almonds, or even marshmallows. If you decide to serve a beverage with them, try Scotch, cocoa or Cognac. This gift bag of dark chocolates goes for $3.49 at Ghirardelli's online store.

#3 – The 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate Squares Bag: These are solid pieces of dark chocolate. Ghirardelli uses rich ingredients like real cocoa butter and natural vanilla to make these award winning dark chocolates. They are deep, dark and decadent. Each bag is 5.25 oz. and contains 12 dark chocolate squares. They go perfectly with a baguette, brioche, dried plums or figs. Suggested beverages to accompany these intense dark chocolates are Cognac, Armagnac, Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet or even some black tea. You'll pay about $3.49 a bag when you shop online for these gourmet dark chocolates.

#4- The Intense Dark 86% Cacao Midnight Reverie Bar: This type of dark chocolate comes in a bag of single squares or a full size candy bar. This is a brand new line of dark chocolates for Ghirardelli. And it is 100% natural. The luxuriously deep and velvety flavor is full of noticeable hints of dark cherries and dried plums. The texture is smooth, and yet it has a fine, crisp snap. Create a big bang in your mouth by paring this dark chocolate with sweet baguette, toasted almonds, dried figs or raisins. The perfect beverage with this intense gourmet chocolate would be some Cognac, Syrah, or a nice Cabernet. Expect to pay about $3.95 for the Midnight Reverie bar of dark chocolate and $3.50 for the bag of Midnight Reverie single squares.

#5- The Limited Edition Dark 60% Cacao Chocolate Peppermint Bark Squares Gift Bag: This dark chocolate holiday treat is only available during the holiday season. These squares are layers of intense dark chocolate covered with festive peppermint sprinkles. These dark chocolate Peppermint Bark Squares can cause a warm flavor explosion in your mouth. A sinfully delicious seasonal treat, to be sure! Each bag contains 25 savory treats. Expect to pay around $12.95 per bag.

That's about it for this Holiday Gift Guide To Ghirardelli Gourmet Dark Chocolates. Ghirardelli has an online shopping store, but you can also purchase the majority of their products at most grocery stores. It's not too late to buy your holiday gifts. If you're scrambling around looking for great gifts of dark chocolate, then this Holiday Gift Guide to Ghirardelli Gourmet Dark Chocolates is going to help point you in the right direction.

Visit the Ghirardelli website. Go SHOP at the Ghirardelli website.


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