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10 Dog Training Tips

10 Dog Training Tips That Will Save You Time And Grief

by Damien Andrews

There are many methods of dog training being employed today. Some methods of dog training use positive reinforcement only, others use both positive and negative reinforcement. Some methods say to use treats as the incentive, some methods advise against it. Differences in dog training methods are also abundant in the specific procedures used to teach a dog a new trick or function such as sit, heel or rollover. The dog training method that's best for you and your dog is a matter of personal choice, and this article does not deal with that issue.

German Shepherd dog herding guinea fowl

Our 115 pound male German Shepherd dog, Buddy herding our flock of 30 Guinea fowl to the coop. The Guinea fowl tend to stay on the ground for Buddy, as long as he moves them slowly. If he gets too excited, they'll fly and make Buddy's job much harder.

No matter what dog training method you decide to employ for training your dog, the following tips will help you substantially. Study and understand these dog training tips, and integrate them into your selected dog training method.

Dog training tip #1) No article can teach you how to successfully train your dog. Dog training is too involved for an article to deal with adequately. Do some research, select the dog training method you like best and then get the appropriate book(s) from the library bookstore.

Dog training tip #2) Start your dog training adventure when your dog is as young as possible, but never less than 49 days of age.

Dog training tip #3) Your first dog training sessions should not last any longer than 15 minutes. More advanced training for dogs which have a good training foundation can last substantially longer. For basic obedience training, however, even after your dog has become accustomed to being trained, don't go longer than 20 minutes. If during training your dog seems to utterly lose interest, end the session.

German Shepherd dog herding guinea fowl

Herding the flock of 30 pearl grey Guinea fowl requires that Buddy work from behind them, on both sides of them and even in front of them. Unlike when he herds cattle, Buddy is slow and gentle with the birds.

Dog training tip #4) Always end dog training sessions on a positive note. Never end your dog training sessions on a bad note – such as when the dog has just been disciplined. If you must create a positive situation to end your session, do so.

Dog training tip #5) Schedule your dog training sessions for approximately the same time every day. After a few sessions, your dog will show excitement for the coming training – and that's what you want.

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