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Parkay Margarine is the secret to making a crispy brown Grilled Cheese Sandwich!





How to Make a Crispy
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Fast!

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These easy sandwiches are great for after school snacks, hot bachelor lunches and Super Bowl Sundays! A great comfort food you’ll enjoy often. Goes great with soups – try it with tomato for a real treat. Serve these crispy treats with ketchup, ranch dressing, or spicy mustards for dipping.

Party Tip: try making these sandwiches using different cheeses. Friends can even bring their own favorite cheese: sharp cheddar, Gouda, Swiss and jalapeno jack are all winners when prepared this way. Try a sprinkle of bleu cheese for a special kick! Your guests will rave!


  1. Cover one side of two pieces of bread with Parkay Margarine.
  2. Place both pieces, margarine side down, on a large non-stick skillet that is on medium heat.
  3. Cover one side of the bread with any kind of cheese.
  4. Cook low to medium for about 3 minutes. Once you see that the cheese is starting to melt, turn the other slice of bread that doesn't have cheese on it, on top of the cheese side.
  5. Flip the sandwich over making sure it is crispy brown. Then serve with ketchup or soup.



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