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Military Madness Explanation of Zone of Control (ZOC)

In Military Madness, Zone of Control (ZOC) refers to how many players you have surrounding or touching the enemy – or vice versa. Here are the rules of ZOC:

ZOC in Military Madness

  • If you setup as shown on the graphic, you'll cut his player's attack and defense by 50%.
  • You can only gain either attack or defense strength using ZOC – not both. When you attack, you gain attack power. When you are being attacked, only defense power will be increased.
  • If you attack, the player opposite your attacker will gain the attack power of the player on the opposite side IF THE PLAYER ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE HAS ATTACK POWER FOR THE ITEM TO BE ATTACKED. Example: If you get across from a Falcon with a Bison, you will cut the enemy in half, but since the Falcon has no ground attack, you will not increase your attack power. If you get across from any player with ground attack power, such as Polar, Grizzly, Eagle, etc, then your attacking piece gains the attack power for its attack.
  • If he attacks you, and his player is touching some of your other players, then you will gain defense only strength – which is very good to know. If his Slagger attacks your Charlie and his Slagger is touching your Giant as well, the defense of the Charlie will be extremely high.
  • You will ONLY cut your opponent's strength in half when you have his player between two of your players, such as shown in the graphic. Note: you can also cut his player's DEFENSE ONLY in half using 3 of your players. This is done as shown in the lower graphic. This will ONLY cut his defense in half, it will not strengthen your attack power – for that, you must be touching his player.

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