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Military Madness Strategic Data

  • The more aggressive you are with the computer in Military Madness, the faster it will beat you.
  • If you get to turn #50 in Military Madness – the computer will automatically surrender you = you lose!
  • You should always defeat ALL of his air power in Military Madness before you do anything else – especially Hunters!
  • In Military Madness, he always comes out of his factories at the 7 o'clock position, or the first available spot going clockwise. This is often crucial information when taking away one of his repair factories.
  • He will almost invariably remove his men from the factories starting with the top left and going clockwise, left to right. Knowing this allows you to figure out what pieces he will put into play fastest and slowest. This is often critical information – if you want to win.
  • NO indirect fire in Military Madness (Atlas, Hadrian, Octopus) can kill any Giants that are on 20%. A Giant on 20% MUST have its powers cut in half in order for any of the Giants to be killed by any piece – even another Giant. I have attacked a Giant on 20% without ZOC, using three full star Grizzly tanks – and never took even one Giant. Each time an attack on the Giant fails, the Giant is awarded 2 stars – and he gets even more powerful with his attacks.
  • The effects of surrounding an enemy are negated when the enemy is against any wall of the screen. Coupled with the tip above, this means that a Giant on 20% and against the wall cannot be hurt at all. Trust me, I've tried.
  • This is VERY important ZOC information. To win in Military Madness you MUST learn these things: In ZOC, the pieces always get added defense, equal to the players in the ZOC. HOWEVER, attack strength requires that the pieces in the ZOC are able to attack the target. Let's look at some examples of how this critical ZOC effect works:


He attacks your Falcon with a Rabbit, but leaves 7 Falcon alive. You have a Grizzly in range to attack the Rabbit back. You then move the Grizzly so that you get perfect ZOC: the Rabbit is directly between your Falcon and your Grizzly. You attack. You WILL cut the Rabbit's defense and attack in half BUT you will not gain any attack power for the Grizzly. This is because a Falcon cannot attack a ground piece.


He attacks your Hawkeye with an Eagle and leaves 7 units. You get perfect ZOC with a Rabbit and attack his Eagle. The Eagle is cut in half AND you get the attack power of the Hawkeye added to your Rabbit's low level of air attack power – thus making it a very potent air attacker.

EXAMPLE #3 ZOC defense explained

It is possible in Military Madness for your opponent to attack one of your pieces and be touching two more pieces during the attack. The piece being attacked always benefits from the defense level of all the pieces touching the attacker. If he attacks a single Charlie, the defense will be very low. If the attacker is touching a Seeker and a Giant while it attacks, the defense will be very high – no matter if the attacker is an aircraft or a ground unit. If the attacker is touching a trigger, the defense will be extremely high, and so on.


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