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Military Madness Sagine

Military Madness Sagine. The 31 st map stage level of Military Madness.

As it turns out, Sagine is one of the Military Madness map stage levels that you can really win big time in. I say "as it turns out," because for years, I, like all other Military Madness players, had great difficulty even beating the computer in Sagine, much less giving it a sound thrashing. Read on…

If you play Sagine the way the computer wants you to, you'll always capture the NW factory, and about 40% of the time you'll capture the north central factory. Whether your strategy allows you to capture the north central factory or not, once you do capture it, or expend turns and pieces trying, you're so beat down that continuing to fight the computer is quite the chore and can take up to 30+ turns.

In my years of playing Military Madness, I kept trying to find a better strategy for winning Sagine. One day, mostly by accident, I discovered a computer quirk that can be exploited to ensure a smooth, easy win. To exploit this quirk, you'll have to be sure to move your pieces exactly as shown in the video for the first 3 turns. The only variation that will also work is when the Bison is placed south of, and touching, the Panther – instead of the Hadrian. As you can see in the video, my strategy allows you to easily kill his Hunter in the second turn, and to capture both north factories in the first few turns, while your men are still strong. This leads to a substantial victory for you in a mere 8-9 turns. Enjoy!

Sagine is Map 31 in Military Madness. In Military Madness, the term 'map' is also referred to as 'stage' or 'level' or 'screen.' For game play, walkthrough and more tips, tricks and winning strategies in Military Madness visit the Simple Jack Video channel on YouTube. For a list of all the Military Madness maps, screens, stages or levels, read Military Madness Map Stage Screen Names. For a detailed explanation of what each piece in Military Madness does, and doesn't do, including quirks, read Summary of Military Madness Game Pieces and Players. For a complete (and important) explanation of Zone of Control (ZOC) in Military Madness, read Military Madness Explanation of Zone of Control.


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