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Military Madness Eratin

Military Madness Eratin. The 29 th map stage level of Military Madness.

Eratin is a really tough Military Madness map stage level. There are 2 good strategies for playing Eratin – both require that you immediately start moving the southern Octopus east as far as it can go with each turn. You need to get it under the protection of your other pieces or the computer WILL kill it easily and quickly.

Strategy #1: Military Madness is designed so that you can, with great difficulty, capture the SW factory with your Panther. You'll have to move tanks and indirect shooters southward to protect the Panther as he travels to the new factory. This is tough, but consistently doable.

Strategy #2: Use your Pelican and Panther to capture the central factory before he gets it. Once he knows what you're doing, he'll fly in with a Kilroy and block at least on of your factory hex spaces, thus stopping you from emptying the new pieces from the factory and also he'll capture the factory from you – however – not before you get the Atlas and Octopus out. This will prevent him from having those two indirect shooters – which he uses to beat you down in the pass. I park the Pelican right next to the factory when I drop off the Panther, load the Atlas and move it. Watch out for his Hawkeye, though!

Eratin is Map 29 in Military Madness. In Military Madness, the term 'map' is also referred to as 'stage' or 'level' or 'screen.' For game play, walkthrough and more tips, tricks and winning strategies in Military Madness visit the Simple Jack Video channel on YouTube. For a list of all the Military Madness maps, screens, stages or levels, read Military Madness Map Stage Screen Names. For a detailed explanation of what each piece in Military Madness does, and doesn't do, including quirks, read Summary of Military Madness Game Pieces and Players. For a complete (and important) explanation of Zone of Control (ZOC) in Military Madness, read Military Madness Explanation of Zone of Control.


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