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Military Madness Deshta

Military Madness Deshta. The 27 th map stage level of Military Madness.

In Military Madness, Deshta immediately follows Attaya. Attaya is the Military Madness air battle map stage level, while Deshta is the Military Madness tank battle map stage level. In order to win Deshta, you MUST have a thorough working knowledge of what Military Madness calls Zone of Control (ZOC). Read Military Madness Explanation of Zone of Control.

Without a complete knowledge of how ZOC works, and how you can use it to win in Military Madness, you don't have much of a chance in Deshta. The computer starts the map with vastly superior armor and an extremely well defended home factory. He will also capture the three eastern factories, and if you're not careful, he will capture the NW factory as well – which is supposed to be yours.

To win in Deshta, start out by moving your factory Charlie north immediately. Bulk up your pieces around your Trigger, with your slow, heavy tanks forming the battle line, and your Rabbits and faster tanks (Bison) positioned to create perfect ZOC situations. If you don't kill his tanks in the first few battles, you will lose as he brings in reinforcements to finish off your damaged pieces.

To win, you'll have to either capture his home factory or kill all of his pieces. To do this stage just outside of Atlas range and then storm his base area. You must kill the Triggers and the Atlas to get in, and you will take some hard hits doing that. Once that's done, his Giant awaits you – and this Giant is very tough. ZOC the Giant to kill it. I find killing the Giant is faster than trying to get my Charlie in and to his home factory.

Deshta is Map 27 in Military Madness. In Military Madness, the term 'map' is also referred to as 'stage' or 'level' or 'screen.' For game play, walkthrough and more tips, tricks and winning strategies in Military Madness visit the Simple Jack Video channel on YouTube. For a list of all the Military Madness maps, screens, stages or levels, read Military Madness Map Stage Screen Names. For a detailed explanation of what each piece in Military Madness does, and doesn't do, including quirks, read Summary of Military Madness Game Pieces and Players. For a complete (and important) explanation of Zone of Control (ZOC) in Military Madness, read Military Madness Explanation of Zone of Control.


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