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Military Madness Attaya

Military Madness Attaya. The 26 th map stage level of Military Madness

Take heart, Military Madness Attaya is both winnable and fun – if you know the special strategy needed to win.

From all that I've heard and read about Military Madness, since I started playing it when it first came out, Attaya is responsible for more people giving up on beating Military Madness than any other screen/stage. Arbine and Deshta are also very tough Military Madness stages – and Deshta is next after Attaya. Think of beating Attaya as a 'right of passage' in the realm of Military Madness.

In Attaya, you're supposed to take the north central factory – that's what the game is designed for. However, to win big time, and also get the rare (and wonderful) opportunity to use some Hunters, forget the north central factory and take the SW factory instead. This will require making some relatively precise moves, so watch the video. Basically, the Charlie goes immediately into the Mule and heads as far south as he can get. Then all the Hawkeyes come out, then Giants and the Seeker. Everybody heads south, with the Mule being ultra-protected from his wave of Hunters, accompanied by a Falcon. By the way, this is the toughest Falcon in the game of Military Madness. I've had it kill an entire 8 unit of my Falcons with a single attack – and his Falcon will only lose 2-3 planes! Respect this one…

As always, draw him in and kill him using the power of ZOC and the terrain effects.

Attaya is Map 26 in Military Madness. In Military Madness, the term 'map' is also referred to as 'stage' or 'level' or 'screen.' For game play, walkthrough and more tips, tricks and winning strategies in Military Madness visit the Simple Jack Video channel on YouTube. For a list of all the Military Madness maps, screens, stages or levels, read Military Madness Map Stage Screen Names. For a detailed explanation of what each piece in Military Madness does, and doesn't do, including quirks, read Summary of Military Madness Game Pieces and Players. For a complete (and important) explanation of Zone of Control (ZOC) in Military Madness, read Military Madness Explanation of Zone of Control.


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