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Military Madness Arbine

Walkthrough Video coming soon.

Military Madness Arbine. The 22 nd map stage level of Military Madness

This is a very difficult Military Madness map stage level to win. I even lose it sometimes. It all comes down to 2 things: how well your Hadrians do against his Atlas and how long it takes to kill the trigger blocking the factory. Not only do you have to kill the Trigger while the 2 Atlas shoot at you, you also must destroy a Rabbit, and usually a Titan.

Be sure to target his north Atlas FIRST with the single Hadrian you have already in position to hit it. Then move the second Hadrian next to the first one and start shooting – again at the north Atlas first. Killing his north Atlas will allow you one more hex of 'safe' space near your factory.

Sometimes in Military Madness, the computer will use both Atlas to shoot at your Hadrians until they die. If his Atlas haven't been hurt badly by your Hadrians, you're going to have a really hard time winning – if you can win at all!

The order in which you remove your men from the factory is critical – be sure to watch the video to get this right.

Be careful – he may try to sneak a Charlie across the 40% to steal your factory and win the game. As soon as you have a free player, move it to your factory to protect it.

As always, draw him in and kill him using the power of ZOC and the terrain effects.

Arbine is Map 22 in Military Madness. In Military Madness, the term 'map' is also referred to as 'stage' or 'level' or 'screen.' For game play, walkthrough and more tips, tricks and winning strategies in Military Madness visit the Simple Jack Video channel on YouTube. For a list of all the Military Madness maps, screens, stages or levels, read Military Madness Map Stage Screen Names. For a detailed explanation of what each piece in Military Madness does, and doesn't do, including quirks, read Summary of Military Madness Game Pieces and Players. For a complete (and important) explanation of Zone of Control (ZOC) in Military Madness, read Military Madness Explanation of Zone of Control.


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