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Product Review: Warm Hats!

Warm hats are a necessity where I live. Old Man Winter frequently tosses -20°F to -40°F temperatures our way two months out of the year. Add some wind chill effect and you’re down to -50°F or worse. If you don’t have some warm hats, you can’t go outside for more than a few seconds. And yes, I said warm hats – plural. Part of your hat staying warm is it being clean and dry – especially dry. That means having more than one warm hat.

Susie, owner of, modeling one of her cloche hats and matching scarf.

Good warm hats are able to cover your ears, your forehead and the back of your neck. You also need a warm hat to hold the heat inside around your head. If your hat doesn’t posses these qualities, it’s not really a warm hat. It’s also nice if your selected warm hat washes well, holds up under extended use and doesn’t make you look totally ridiculous.

A couple of years ago my two old standby warm hats finally quit on me. They were marvelous hats. Each was a fur lined, goose down-stuffed cotton/nylon creation. They were made for me by a man in Alaska in the late 1980s. These were really warm hats and I wore them for thousands of hours until they literally fell apart. Their only drawback was washability. The combination of the fur and the goose down made washing and drying a long, somewhat involved process.

When my warm hats went the way of all things, I had to find replacements. This process started in the late summer months of 2007. I started my search with two criteria: 1) The warm hat I selected would have to comfortably fit a larger than average head and 2) it had to be a really warm hat. The small town I live near had nothing to offer, so I jumped on line and searched the Internet for “warm hats.” Needless to say, Google was quick to offer up hundreds of thousands of places I could shop for warm hats.

In 2007 I went to the top sites I discovered through my search, and I bought warm hats. And I wore them. And then I went back to the computer and bought more warm hats. I repeated this disheartening (and expensive) process all through 2007, and then started again in 2008. Every hat I bought rubbed my ears and forehead and caused peeling, redness, cracking, swelling and nighttime itching that’s beyond my ability to accurately convey. I collected 23 warm hats from some of the best outdoor outfitting companies on the planet.

The author’s favorite hat – the Square Top – shown here in red. This is a very warm, wearable hat.

Finally, late in 2008 I located a website that did not appear at the top of Google’s results for warm hats: The site got my attention by noting that one of the designs was excellent for larger head sizes. My wife, who also needed a new warm hat, ordered four hats from the website – two for her, and two for me.

I have now been wearing two Square Top Hats from for almost three months – and I could not be happier. My wife purchased two Deep Cloche Hats from, which she has worn exclusively since their arrival. Her assessment of the hats parallels mine exactly.

My hats are warm hats, to be sure. And unlike my old favorites, they are incredibly easy to care for. And they fit – even my gargantuan noggin – perfectly. Tight enough to stay on during the 40-MPH winter winds we often get, and yet not tight enough to irritate. The fabrics are soft and utterly irritation-free for my ears, neck and forehead. offers customers a vast array of colors and color combinations to have their hats made from.

How warm are my hats? Well, a few days ago I spent 5-hours outside splitting wood for the stove. It was -20° with a steady 15-MPH wind. That equals about -58°F! My head stayed toasty warm. I wish I could say the same for my toes and fingers!

A chai and black soft grid fleece Deep Cloche hat from Color combinations can be specified when ordering.

Susie, the owner of, makes all of her wares herself, and has for well over a decade. She loves what she does and it shows in the quality of her workmanship and final products. We even received a hand written ‘thank you’ card with our hats – which included a note to let Susie know if we had any problems at all. That’s the kind of attention and service you just don’t get to see much nowadays.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for some warm hats, you really owe it to yourself to check out Oh yes, and before I forget – Susie also has handmade summer hats, hats for kids, fleece socks, and fishing hats. I’m confident all of her wares exhibit the same quality, durability and ease of care attributes I have come to appreciate in her warm hats.


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