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December 2008: power is lost to over 1-million homes in the NE US

December 2008: hundreds of thousands in frigid NE without power for a week+

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Emergency Preparedness in Freezing Weather

Make sure your family can survive a
power outage during freezing weather

by Damien Andrews


If you have the above, you’ll be able to help yourself and your family to survive an extended freezing weather power outage. If you’d like to make things even better for everyone, here are a few suggestions:

• Get some meals ready-to-eat (MREs).

• Have a small camping stove and a few small bottles of propane. This will allow you to heat cans of soup, cocoa and instant coffee – so have a small stock of those items.

• A laptop computer that plays DVDs, and a couple of the family’s favorite movies.

• A small digital camera. Taking pictures breaks tensions and improves moods quickly.

• Chemical hand, foot and body warmers. These are great – especially if you need to go outside for a little while.

• Tooth brushes, toothpaste and mouthwash are excellent additions to your emergency preparedness inventory.

Freezing weather emergencies are serious events, to be sure. A house without heat will start to cool down rapidly. Cold starts taking its toll on humans quickly. If you live in an area where a power outage can occur during freezing weather, make sure that you are properly prepared.

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