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How to Build a Whelping Box

by Damien Andrews


Making the walls

Take the remaining piece of plywood and cut it into four pieces that are each 12” tall and 4’ long. The final piece will actually be slightly shorter than 12” because of the kerfs. That’s okay. If you‘d rather have four perfectly even sides, then do the math, allowing for the kerfs, and make the cuts. Now, cut two pieces down from 4’ long to 3’ – 10½” long. These two will be the short sides of your box.

Now, laminate and trim one face and one long edge of each of these boards using the same laminate you used on the floor. The laminate will be facing to the inside of the whelping box and the top edge of the walls of the box.

Attaching the walls to the floor

With the laminated side of the floor facing upwards, apply a very thin bead of silicone caulk/sealant onto one outer edge of the top. Now place one of the two long walls onto that bead so that it runs from edge-to-edge of the floor, and the outer edge of the wall is flush to the outer edge of the floor. All laminates should face the inside of the box. Now lightly clamp that wall into position. Clean away any caulk that was squeezed onto the floor – you don’t want the puppies eating it later!

Next, repeat the above process for one of the short sides. BEFORE installing the short side, run another narrow bead of caulk/sealant up the 12” edge where it will join the long side. Again, lightly clamp that wall into position and clean away any caulk that was squeezed onto the floor or long wall.

Drill three pilot holes (1/16”) through the outside edge of the long wall and into the center of the edge of the shorter wall. The first hole should be 1” from the top of the wall. The next two holes should be 3” apart. Then use a countersink bit to prepare to put in #6x2” wood screws so they are flush to the surface of the outside wall.

Using the above processes, install the next long wall and then the last (short) wall. When you’re done, you should have all four walls attached to each other, and clamped to the floor. Make sure no sealant has oozed onto the floor or out from between the wall edges. If it has, clean it up. Now leave your work to set for 24-hours.

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