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Do it yourself (DIY) has come full circle. In the 1800s it was a necessity. In the 1900s it was a great hobby. Now, due to economic factors, it’s once again a necessity. The foundation of do it yourself is ‘how to’ information. How to information needs to be presented clearly, concisely and realistically in order to be of genuine use. If the do it yourselfer wants to fulfill a project, relative how to information cannot proceed from the assumption that thousands of dollars of equipment are at the disposal of the do it yourselfer.

On our site, we present how to information for the growing do it yourself crowd in two ways: articles (frequently with photo support) and videos. We strive to keep how to information eminently usable for any level of do it yourselfer – novice to old hand. If the featured project or process requires an advanced do it yourself skill set or tools, we’ll let you know.

We invite you to peruse the pages of how to information and enhance your do it yourself skills. We also invite comments and requests for specific how to articles or videos. Come back often to find more great how to articles and videos that will help you do it yourself better, faster and easier.

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